Our mission is to unite and educate our members for their strength and prosperity.
FCPNY could be working for you!

Our members pursue excellence in providing advertisers and readers with the highest publishing standards. They maintain a spirit of friendly cooperation and assistance toward fellow craftsmen and extend a helping hand whenever or wherever possible. The sharing of information, problems and possible solutions is still one of the best available avenues to success in our, or any, industry and your membership in our association will open this avenue of communication to you.


Join your fellow community paper publishers in New York State who receive:


A Great Opportunity to work together as a team to make New York a better place to live and do business.

Promotion of the free paper industry. FCPNY has budgeted funds that will promote our industry to the readers and our outstanding value to both advertisers and consumers.

Paper Chain/SRDS. Our members are automatically part of Paper Chain, the consolidated promotional effort of all the free paper associations in North America. Paper Chain works closely with Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) to keep local free papers in front of national and regional advertisers.

An Organization Dedicated to Helping Publishers gain their market share of revenue and to protect their interests.

An Opportunity to Earn Revenue through AdNetworkNY - FCPNY's classified and display ad network.

Circulation Verification Council (CVC) Audits. CVC is one of the top independent auditing firms in the country, providing our participating members with circulation audits and readership studies, key tools for success in the marketplace.

AdMall is one of the best sales tools available to media salespeople today, and we bring it to you as a member benefit. It helps publishers gain a competitive edge in the local marketplace.

Training Seminars with nationally recognized speakers and trainers. Our spring Super Conference is themed toward building sales and efficiency. Programs are directed toward sales and graphic staffs. Also, FCPNY's Tom Cuskey -- our sales and training director -- is a nationally recognized trainer who will deliver custom, on-site sales training seminars for our members.

Sales Management Division which meets separately and concerns itself with building sales via co-op, special sections, reader ad development and hiring and keeping good sales people. Each year we provide our sales management division with a conference specifically designed to train the trainers who lead our sales staffs.

Graphic Awards Competition An opportunity to honor our often unsung graphic artists. Following the competition, our annual Super Conference gives us an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the outstanding artists of our industry.

Human Resources Hotline. Our members are at liberty to call our retained HR specialist with questions they have on labor relations, employment and discrimination law.

Associate members. We have a large, diverse group of vendors who offer the best in industry related goods and services to our members.

A Lobbyist to work for free paper publishers in Albany. Over the past several years FCPNY has maintained a relationship with a lobbyist who has been instrumental in developing an ever increasing awareness of our industry. We have steadily educated our representatives to the important role free circulation papers play as sources of community growth and information, as well as our contribution to the local and state economy.

An Executive Director and Sales & Training Director who oversee the running of the association and who, along with are dedicated support staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to the needs of FCPNY members.

FCPNY, one of the oldest and largest state organizations of free papers, has attracted its large and growing membership as a result of its ongoing programs dedicated to helping members increase their expertise and profits. Our benefits are worthwhile and you will find your membership rewarding, informative and interesting.



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