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Session Held Friday, October 23, 2009

“I enjoyed this session, and it was "good" to hear from someone who is in the business, who is telling it like it is. It is a tough, rough environment out there, BUT we can persevere in these difficult times with hard work, understanding and CARING!!”

“I am (proudly) a tenacious woman who cares enough about her company, her advertisers, and her industry to do what I can to "salvage" what I REALISTICALLY can in this economic turn-down.”

“Simply put......this too shall pass!! Thanks for your efforts!”

Bobbie Micros

Moneysaver Advertising


“Thank you for bringing Jim to the training. He was outstanding and the majority of my staff was very impressed with his presentation. Most importantly, he was “real” and the knowledge he imparted to the audience was his actual experiences from the field. He is the most well read individual I have ever met. Thank you again for a great training program.”

Nancy Chodak

Director of Advertising

Genesee Valley Publications


“I came back with a list of six things to follow up on - thought provoking things - so that’s a real plus. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Tom Cuskey

Associate Publisher

Scotsman Press Inc.


“I thought that the training was great. Jim is very knowable and was interesting to listen to. Hope to see him again in our training.”

Carla Ransom

Genesee Valley Publications


“I enjoyed the session and was very impressed with how well organized it was. The location was great (we are only 15 minutes away J) the facility was clean and we were well provided with water etc. The tables were nicely decorated without being too much and thank-you for the snacks!!! The breaks were well-timed as was lunch.”

“I have not heard Jim speak before but enjoyed his presentation. I felt that he was “real world” and not too, hmm, what’s the word, “slick.” He is an interesting person and has some good insights into psychology and that is a new angle for me as a sales-person. This was a good use of my time and made me look at things a little differently.”

Angie Raab

Advertising Assistant

Genesee Valley Penny Saver


“My pressman who came to the session, was most impressed. He has not been able to attend any of the sales sessions before and was very happy that he did. He came away with many ideas for his part time sales calls. Thank you again.”

Karen Sawicz


Lake Country Pennysaver


“I REALLY liked the training. Jim was very down to earth and practical. I LOVED his analogies to movies, books and quotes- I could relate. The open forum where you could interrupt and ask a question any time was helpful too (usually I want to concentrate on what the speaker is saying and will forget what I wanted to ask). The snacks and lunch were yummy too. I thought the facility was nice (I had never been there). I got to see old friends that I made from other functions and had fun catching up. Please thank everyone who had anything to do with organizing it.”

Faith Burgard

Metro Group


“Honestly, it was one of the best sessions I have attended in a while. I had two of my sales reps. from our Cortland office attend with me, but had I known how good Jim Busch would be, I would have made it mandatory for my entire staff.”

“Jim brought a lot of energy and experience to the session. It is always more enjoyable to hear from someone who is in or has been in our business. He offered a real approach to selling inspired by years in the industry. There were no canned responses that you can sometimes hear from people who have studied up on what we do, rather than actually having done it. The only suggestion I would make is to like up Jim Busch again in the very near future.”

“P.S. One thing that became clear to me following Jim’s session….I do not read nearly enough!”

Shawn Raymond

Regional Associate Publisher

Scotsman Community Publications


“I just wanted to say thanks for booking such a great speaker for last Friday’s session. Jim Busch’s presentation was relevant to today’s selling environment and humorous. I loved listening to someone with so much Pennysaver experience who could make me rethink some old habits that could use a fresh “spin”……….tremendous presenter!”

Peggy Samere

Regional Associate Publisher

Scotsman Community Publications





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