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SMC UPDATE - December 1, 2010

Donna-Hanbery-No-Caption-smBy Donna E. Hanbery | Saturation Mailers Coalition

Here are some updates on actions SMC took on behalf of members during the last few weeks:

--- SMC submitted comments to the PRC supporting the saturation high density incentive program.  Although our comments showed support for the program, SMC noted that the threshold requirement for mailers to meet last year’s volume plus 5% would make it difficult for many of our members to participate in the still challenging economic times.

--- SMC has intervened in the appeal filed by the Postal Service to challenge the PRC’s denial of its request for an exigency price increase of approximately 5.5%.  The Postal Service is fighting the request of parties that participated in the PRC case to intervene in the appellate action.  SMC is working with other parties to preserve our rights to participate.

---Postmaster General Potter retires on December 3, 2010.  SMC is sending a thank you letter to Potter that will list our Steering Committee members and other members that made contributions in the past year.

The SMC Steering Committee will hold our annual meeting by teleconference in mid-December to discuss year end achievements, goals for next year, and to elect members to service on our Steering Committee.  If anyone has an active interest in postal matters and wishes to participate, please contact Donna Hanbery.

We will be sending out annual membership updates and requests for dues and contributions.  Remember our efforts are ONLY made possible by the voluntary contribution and underwriting of our members.  SMC does not sell any product, good or service.  We do not make the names of our members available to other businesses or companies for solicitation and we only advocate for the interests of businesses that distribute saturation, print mail advertising.  That focus limits our funds but it does allow us to exclusively service the interests of our members and their advertising customers.

Please help our efforts with both your membership and a contribution.

Donna E. Hanbery

Saturation Mailers Coalition

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