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President's Message - Summer 2016

David GraysonWritten by David Grayson | FCPNY President

LeRoy Pennysaver Publisher

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

At my very first publisher’s conference, way back when, I learned a valuable lesson. I didn’t always need to reinvent the wheel. I didn’t necessarily learn this from attending all the sessions and speakers, even though these were of great value. Frankly, it was the social interaction with other publishers where I picked up the finer points of community publishing. Just standing in a group of fellow publishers and listening to the conversations I realized that I wasn’t the only one facing “my” problems. Even better, I found out that other publishers had solved some of those problems and were more than willing to share their ideas… for free!

We have not had an FCPNY publishers conference for several years and I wondered if we were missing a valuable opportunity for the kind of interaction that had been so helpful to me at my first conference. So, I undertook a sort of informal poll. Actually I just started asking other publishers where they received the most value at FCPNY events. FCPNY has spent thousands on some of the best speakers in our industry over the years and we have all taken away some great ideas. But, when asked where they received the most value, almost all said that it was the interaction with other publishers.

So, after a great deal of discussion at our last board meeting, we decided to find ways to provide the kind of one-on-one peer interaction that would be of interest to all the member publishers in the association. We elected to revive the publishers conference but without the formality of past conferences. There will be no professional speakers and no formal programs. It will be social style meeting with plenty of opportunities to interact with fellow publishers as well as a roundtable session to get the ideas flowing.

This will be an opportunity publishers and top managers will not want to miss. You will take home some new ideas, have an opportunity to tell the association how we can better serve your publication and you may depart having made some new friends. Best of all, you will find out that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

More information about the fall publishers’ conference is presented in this newsletter, so read on.  You don’t want to miss this one.

David Grayson

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