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Free Paper Month 2017


Free Paper Month


Industry insiders know and recognize the valuable service our community papers provide to readers and advertisers, but all too often we become so wrapped up in publishing that those important facts get overlooked and we fail to market them adequately. It is increasingly important to remind those we serve of the unique value we provide to the community.

PaperChain has historically provided marketing materials to celebrate Free Community Paper Month, This year we have updated all of the Free Paper Month materials and uploaded them to the PaperChain website.  The materials on the website include two distinct sets of ads in a variety of sizes, a poster to display in your publications’ windows or around your towns, several Bill stuffers to be used in June and July and ad layouts for use on your website.

In the spirit of independence and freedom celebrated nationwide every July we need every member publication to help to spread the word and demonstrate the reach of our industry nationwide. We encourage you do this by joining with other free papers across the country for a celebration of the Free Community Paper industry during the entire month of July.

The Free Community Paper Month Logo is shown at the beginning of this article. Publishers are asked not to alter the Free Paper Month logo, but please use it often on your mast head, folios, within promotional ads, articles, on your websites and as filler throughout your paper leading up to and during the month of July. For all of the prepared original artwork and PDF's of the artwork visit:

We encourage you to localize the ads and draw your reader’s attention to the important role your paper and staff play in this industry and how this industry stimulates the local and national economy.

We are all so very busy these days but we also encourage you to brainstorm with your staff and find ways to use the month of July to highlight your publication’s accomplishments and the many ways your publications help drive and support the local economy. We have a list of ways to celebrate included on the PaperChain Website to help kick-start your discussion It is entitled “What are you doing to Celebrate Free Paper Month?”

The 2017 celebration is only as big as you choose to make it. Ask your town or  city, county and state government leaders to consider taking action on a local proclamation formally recognizing Free Community Paper Month and your publication specifically. Suggested proclamation verbiage can also be found on the website.

Your paper has made a great investment in your community and this industry. Only you and your staff can help us bring that story alive to your readers in this collaborative industry-wide effort. Please consider active participation in the July 2017 Free Community Paper Month celebration. Visit us on Facebook and let us know your plans for Free Community Paper Month.  Thank you in advance for all you do to enhance the industry with every issue you publish and with your support of this project.

On Behalf of PaperChain - Thank you for participating in Free Community Paper Month.


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