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Opportunity knocks

Dan Alexander



At the recent AFCP conference in Louisville, TLI Dean Rob Zarrilli, reminded us of Jimmy Valvano’s famous line “Where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going”.

I need to borrow that line to explain how you can enhance the perception and visibility of your publication(s) as well as the free paper industry.


Where we’ve been

PaperChain was formed in the late 1990’s with the primary vision of finding solutions to enhance, expand and promote the free paper industry.

A signature part of that effort was making sure that our publications were audited and that our publications were positioned more prominently in the eyes of major media buyers.

Our state, regional and national associations focused on providing the audits while those same associations pooled member dollars to provide a top-of-page listing in Kantar Media’s planning and buying platform, SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service). We call that listing “The Lift” as it takes the standard publication listing and lifts it alphabetically to the top of the page while adding a distinctive PaperChain Logo and a “C” Logo for the CVC Audit designation.

The SRDS/Kantar Media Lift program has remained a constant and has continued to position PaperChain Publications at the top of every DMA in the nation where we are seen first by media buyers where we compete against over 6,000 print publications and 3,400 digital media listings.

Over the years members have seen successes they can attribute to both the circulation audits and from the Lifted SRDS Listing.  The PaperChain Board of Managers believes we’ve laid the foundation that is about to pay great dividends.


Where we are

The economy has not been kind to media companies the last few years. More competition, dwindling budgets, and reduced staffing has caused all media companies to question every expense. Our free paper association boards have had to prioritize expenses as classified programs, which easily funded the PaperChain program for many years, have struggled to justify the funding need. To their credit, the majority of those boards have seen the value of keeping the SRDS/Kantar Media program in place and staying the course.

As we negotiated the new 2017-18 contract with Kantar Media we stressed the importance of continuing the program and our partners at SRDS worked with us to tighten the program to stay within our budgetary confines.


Where we are going

Once the SRDS Lift renewal was in place we suggested Kantar Media consider one more option.

That option was a deep discount for PaperChain members to purchase one of four unique options to convert their standard listing to a premium listing. A number of the 210 DMA’s have no premium listings sitting atop the page.

I ask you to consider the impact our Free paper Industry can make if DMA after DMA prominently features a free community paper or group at the top of the page providing in-depth details about the paper/group, the services they provide, the tremendous reach of the publications and the important role those papers play in the economies of the communities they serve.


Here is the comparison between a premium listing and a standard listing….


Premium Listing Option                                                           Standard Listing with Lift

It is the ideal time to strengthen your visibility with national and regional agencies at a time when they are actively searching for alternative delivery options due to the declining circulation of many traditional print publications. This is the perfect time to capitalize on this long time investment.

Free community papers provide the best market penetration and generate the highest ROI available making us the ideal and logical alternative choice.

I strongly urge you to give serious consideration to this request by calling our Kantar Media representative, Michael Forgash today. Learn more about the discount program and how affordable your premium profile can be. His direct number is (646)-895-8423 or he can reached by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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